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Metanomics live from RUC

Prof. Robert Bloomfield from Cornell University, The Johnson Graduate School of Management, director of the Graduate School and the Business Simulation Laboratory is an expert on virtual world economics.

He is an invited guest researcher at Roskilde University 22-24 September, when he visits our research project about innovation in virtual worlds.

In Second Life, Robert Bloomfield is running the Metanomics show about in-world economics every Monday together with his avatar Beyers Sellers.

Monday 22 September at 9 p.m. (21:00), he is the interviewee as he revisits his first Metanomics 101 show to develop further the understanding of the virtual world economics.

Ben Duranske – an expert on legal issues and virtual law – will be the interviewer. He is the author of the recently published book: Virtual Law.

The Metanomics show on Monday is broadcasted in Second Life by the in-world channel SLCN TV.

Concurrently, we will stream the live session with Prof. Robert Bloomfield here on our blog:

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