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Metrotopia Machinima Contest Winners

We can finally announce that Ciskovan’s “The Workout” has been chosen by the audience as best Metrotopia Machinima! Congratulations to Ciskovan, who will receive 25.000 L$. As for the jury award… well, it wasn’t an easy decision. The jury, research project members with varied backgrounds, had different opinions about the various entries. We really enjoyed watching the way these movies make use of the island and in different ways work with the machinima possibilities of Second Life. The result of our discussions is a split top prize; between Dope Zepp’s “See, Speak No Evil” and Glasz DeCuir’s “Wonder Woman” who both will receive 25.000 L$ as split winners of the 1st prize jury award. “See, Speak No Evil” illustrates excellent work with avatar customization and animation, scenography and editing, and plays well with a surreal mood and life/death theme. “Wonder Woman”, on the other hand, really showcases Metrotopia as a superhero island for all and the film’s message and humor just made us all laugh and smile. Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all for participating!!!

All 14 entries can be viewed at on our YouTube channel inWorld Innovations.

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  1. cisko vandeverre says

    well – wise decision to make a tie. congrats !! thanks to all voters – happy.-)

  2. Glasz says

    What a surprise! Thank You very much for this prize , I´m very happy and congrats to all participants for their movies, specially to “See, Speak No Evil” and “The Workout” machinimators.

  3. cisko vandeverre says

    all cool – got the money .-)

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