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Documentary about Second Life — A Machinima, Too?

Documentarian Jason Spingarn-Koff has a film making the rounds of international film festivals this year — a documentary about Second Life.  Life 2.0 explores many facets of Second Life and the people who engage with it, delving into questions about virtual economy, the blurring of real and virtual, and what leads people to lead these lives in cyberspace.

Interestingly, the filmmaker used his own avatar as a filmmaker in Second Life to document the activities of other avatars, making this the first feature film to use extensive amounts of inworld filming.  Does this mean, then, that the documentary could be considered a machinima?

Currently the film is only making the festivals circuit, and there does not appear to be any information about wider distribution.  If there are any updates to the distribution information, then it will be passed along via this blog.

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