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Landscape and Architecture in Virtual Worlds

March 2009, Bjarke Liboriussen joined the project as a research assistant. His core research interests include landscape aesthetics, architectural theory, computer game studies, and virtual ethnography.

In December 2009, Bjarke successfully defended his PhD thesis at The University of Southern Denmark’s Centre for Media Studies. It’s titled “The Mechanics of Place: Landscape and Architecture in Virtual Worlds” and is available here

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  1. Stephen Schwartz says

    Congratuations. I´m working with audio semiotics, developing an online “soundquiz” edutainment game – and a prototype for “sound postcard” – which can be sent as email with a “sound picture” (hørebillede) and personal tekst from a spicific place. I am also working with the concept of Sound Turisme – and user generated content. If the acustical dimention is included in your work , I think we should exchange ideas.

    • Bjarke says

      Oh hey, sorry, didn’t notice your comment – guess I should look into notification settings.

      Nope, not a word on sound, I simply bracketed that issue completely :)

  2. Sean Kaur says

    we always redo our landscape every 2 or 3 months to adapt to the changing weather.’.-

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