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Conference cancelled! Presentation on machinima research by Lisbeth Frølunde, Game Education Summit Europe, June

The GES Europe conference has been cancelled because of low registration.
I am presenting my research on machinima filmmaking at the Game Education Summit (GES Europe) on June 22nd-23rd, 2010 at the National Academy of Digital Interactive Entertainment, Copenhagen.
The talk is entitled Studying Machinima: A journey into the convergence of games, virtual worlds, art and filmmaking practice, and is in the art and technology track on June 22nd.
The presentation is about machinima – the term refers to filmmaking set up and captured inside 3D “virtual worlds” or computer games. My focus is on this new type of film practice and the filmmakers, who are called machinimators or machinimatographers, and also how I as a researcher attempt to study this practice.
My research into machinima includes in-depth interviews of 6 machinimators who entered a machinima contest in 2009 in Second Life, and some more experimental artist projects. A few machinima films are presented at GES as samples of what I found along my journey into the convergence of media (including machinima production companies, YouTube channels, internet communities on machinima, comics, films).
This study of machinima as a creative practice has two objectives. First, to gain insight into transformations in creative industries, as exemplified in the work processes of machinima and its cross-medial use of sources for filmmaking, including 3D real-time animation and software editing tools. Secondly, to gain understanding of the spectrum of machinimators (amateurs to professionals) involved in a media production practice with this new generation of media tools, and what makes their practice meaningful for them.
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