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Facebook and “real” MMOs: Platform allies?

We recently learned that Farmville killed virtual worlds (and your dog). Here’s an interesting counter-idea (especially if you love terms such as convergence and cross-media storytelling): “What if the things I do in my Facebook extension game affect the main game, and stuff like that?”

Words spoken by SOE’s Dan Kopycienski in a recent interview with SOE is developing a new breed of MMOs, primarily for their Playstaion 3. One of them, spy-themed “The Agency”, now has a casual FB extension game which can, of course, not affect the main game until it’s out, but wouldn’t that be neat? T.L. Taylor’ excellent ethnography of EverQuest focused on the blurred border between a real world and a virtual world (Play Between Worlds). Coming ethnograhies might focus on the blurrings between a casual-virtual world, a virtual world proper, and a real world.

- Bjarke


The FB game sure looks, feels and sounds great [the agency]. The fun soundtrack’s from the coming MMO, of course. Can’t wait for the REAL thing to come out.

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