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Plesner Presentation ICA 2010

The following is a videorecording of a presentation by Ursula Plesner at the 2010 International Communication Association conference in Singapore. The focus of the presentation is in understanding the changes in communication activities within the field of architecture with the introduction of virtual world technologies.

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  1. Terry Beaubois says

    Ursula Plesner is doing important work relative to the architectural use of the advancing computer-based communication technology (image and informational). The need for interdisciplinary collaboration in the AEC (architecture, engineering, construction) industry for success is imperative. One of the keys of the successful implementation of these new advance technology tools is not just mastering the tools but mastering interdisciplinary “communication”. If professionals in the AEC industry can successfully articulate issues to researchers like Ursula and then she can suggest implementation and organization of the use of these tools based on a broad industry vision that is not representing just one professional view, then the entire AEC industry will benefit. The thoughtful work that Ursula is undertaking can contribute significantly to the AEC industry, internationally.

  2. Ursula Plesner says

    Thanks for your kind comments, Terry. I certainly agree about the need for interdisciplinary communication, and about the need for reflecting about how this is conditioned by advanced ICTs. I am beginning to think more about how different technological solutions to the industry’s information/communication problems are interlinked with very different political ideals, ideas about users, etc. When Maja Horst and I participated in the 4S conference (Society for the Social Studies of Science) in Tokyo recently, our paper contained a matrix where we try to pinpoint some of those fundamental differences. We discuss Building Information Modeling, Virtual Worlds and advanced simulation tools as different models which are conditioned by different values and practices, and which contribute to create radically different communication and organization processes. I will upload it here and see if you have any comments.

  3. Damon Hernandez says

    Great presentation Ursula.

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