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Databases of Knowledge: Virtual Worlds List, Library

An ongoing subproject here at the Virtual Worlds Research Project is to create depositories of information regarding virtual worlds.

The goal of these depositories is to create central locations for information that can help with research and knowledge about virtual worlds and related technologies. Thus, we hope you feel free to peruse them, use them, and comment on them to improve them. Also, please feel free to invite others to participate in these depositories.

The first depository is a library database collecting articles from any academic field that reference research of or assist in researching virtual worlds. This database is being constructed using the online library and citation service, Mendeley. You can view this library by following this link to the public collection. There are currently over 1000 articles, conference papers, and so on, to browse.

The second depository is a Google Document collecting information on all virtual worlds (from games to hybrids to socials) that are currently active or have been deactivated in the past. There are currently 800 worlds listed with links to either find them and/or find out more about them. You can view this collaborative document here:

With both depositories, we are always looking for more to be added. If you can think of any references for the library or worlds for the list that could be added, then please let us know — or, in the case of the Google Document, add them following our established format. Regarding the list of virtual worlds, if you can think of any adjustments that need to be made, please let us know, and we will do so.

We would also be interested in hearing how you are using these depositories, and any ideas you have for other depositories. We are currently working to establish a database of all representations of virtual worlds and related technologies in pop culture. Please let us know if you any suggestions, comments, questions, and so forth.

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  1. Jordi says

    Is this still being actively maintained?

    • CarrieLynn says

      I haven’t had the time to check it lately, but it you notice anything that needs adding or changing, please let me know. I hope for this to be more of a communal project.

      • jordi comas says

        Hi. A research assistant and I are working on a similar one, but more VW focused and with some additional fields. We’d be happy to collaborate. Can we talk more?

  2. jordi comas says

    Sorry, also, is it possible to get access to the google doc directly? We wanted to cross-check.

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