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Film showing in Copenhagen: Inside the Metaverse

The film ‘INSIDE THE METAVERSE‘ introduces most recent developments in virtual worlds along with a patchwork of characters from all walks of life and nationalities for whom virtual worlds have become an important part of their lives. The movie will be shown in Copenhagen, October 17th 2010 (14:15) and after the screening the director Steven Dhoedt will be present to discuss the film and present his views on the future of virtual worlds. Don’t miss this opportunity.

Time, place and tickets: The screening of Inside the Metaverse starts at 14:15. It is in Cinemateket, Gothersgade 55, Copenhagen. Tickets are 25 DKK. You can order tickets for SunDoc at Cinemateket on phone +45 3374 3412 or go to the web site of Cinemateket.

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  1. lisbeth frolunde says

    This is a very interesting and well-made documentary film as it gets around a lot of the relevant issues of virtual worlds, such as their variety, history, commercial hype and promise. It presents underlying philosophical questions on identity. I was captured by the portraits of various people – including those who design the worlds, critique them, earn money in / from them and the players/users. Many of the players talked about the sense of immersion, social bonding and the playfulness. The film gives insights into complex identity issues in a global perspective, as it has a spectrum of the Asian as well as European and North American.

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