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Professional Collaboration and Productivity in Virtual Worlds (2009-2012) – ProViWo

Want to promote ProViWo project, which has some overlaps with our Danish project. I know that there is very interesting work in progress.
ProViWo is a collaborative research project with Aalto University School of Science and Technology, BIT Research Centre (Finland), Stanford University (USA), Free University of Amsterdam, Novay (The Netherlands) and University of St.Gallen (Switzerland).
Their website describes the research project as studies on how virtual worlds can be used in professional, work related collaboration and to enhance productivity in globally distributed teams. Here, virtual worlds refer to 3D environments, where users can flexibly change their avatars. The studies explore both the strategical and managerial point of views to virtual worlds at work and different kinds of professional collaboration possibilities and productivity potentials of virtual worlds in-depth.
Funded by Tekes

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