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Explosions of Virtuality – hybrid technologies of self, innovation and management

Stanford University’s Human-Sciences and Technologies Advanced Research Institute (H-STAR) will be organizing a very inspiring workshop entitled ‘Explosions of Virtuality’ between 3-5 October 2011. Although the invitation below is still in-the-making (so, changes and upgrades can happen), it summarizes the main perpective and vision of the workshop organizers. Here’s how they describe their aims:

“The workshop will contribute to explore what happens when we engage virtuality by producing new forms of self, innovation and management, by posing questions like: What are the contours and limits of perceptual spaces driven by virtuality? If virtuality constitutes self, how can we observe this self? How can virtuality move the self from formalized roles by managing self as an avatar? To what extend does virtuality transform emotions to impersonalized affects? How is management transformed by the engagement of virtuality from reproductions of reality to innovation as active intuition?”

Considering how Stanford University and H-STAR have remarkably high reputations for conducting collaborative, multidisciplinary and innovative research studies on CVEs, I believe this workshop will be very igniting and mind-opening for researchers, developers and designers who are interested in learning more about user experience in virtual environments.  The organization team is gathering interested people together right now, and they looking forward to hear from possible contributors and colleagues who wish to join.

Here is more detailed information:

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  1. Robin Teigland says

    Wow- this looks great and it is on my calendar!! Thanks!

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