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CBS 2012-05-11 Claus Uriza

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  1. Ormand Lionheart says

    Excellent chat and right on the money. bands have to look at is a opportunity for exposure they wouldn’t normally get and that ends up being a revenue stream via the back door. The Video I did for Gianna factory has over 8,600 views and the demographic is 53% male and the ages are higher in the 35-54 range which is totally different for the one they are aiming for I imagine. So though it may be a ’small” exposure” it could be a bigger revenue stream and everything adds up especially since most of these views are from North America and other Countries they don’t cater to. Also Katey Perry judging by her videos is getting those ideas from Second Life. She has to be or she is using a lot of LSD. They are amazing videos. SL can be a place to flesh out your music video and storyboard it in 3D to develop and grow ideas for practically Zero money making your RL video more likely a success and cheaper. Same applies for movie makers etc and some people are using it for that purpose. Great chat Claus.

  2. Karen says

    Way to go Claus!


  3. Claus Uriza says

    Thanks for a great seminar!
    Realize I mention 2000 albums per month and though I do listen a lot it’s 2000 per year :)

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