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Workshop, 28th-29th August

The time is approaching when we meet again at the August Workshop, August 28-29.

Roskilde University, Dept. of Communication, Business, and Information Technologies Kommunikationsvej, building: 42.2, 37 (the same place we met last time) 4000 Roskilde (this homepage will provide you with driving directions – click here)
If you have any problems finding the place, you can call me, Heidi: 606 151 64.

Thursday, August 28th.
10:45-11:00: Welcome, coffee
11:00-11:20: Project update
11:20-13:00: “Second Life is more dead than alive”: the Danish media
discourse – followed by a tour around other virtual worlds than SL &
debate/ Prof. Sisse Siggaard Jensen & project manager Heidi Ballinger
(from 12:30-12:45 online interview with Jamal Belhadj from Twinverse
about P2P, mixed reality etc.)
13:00-13:45: Lunch
13:45-15:45: Libraries and the Info Island DK case/ Prof. Simon Heilesen
15:45-16:00: Coffee break
16:00-17:00: Creative exercise/ Prof. Simon Heilesen & Prof. Louise Phillips
17 -> Dinner

Friday, August 29th.
09:30-09:35: Welcome, coffee
09:35-10:00: Wagner James Au: “The Making of Second Life“/ video conference
10:00-12:00: Dialogic research communication/ Prof. Louise Phillips
12:00-12:45: Lunch
12:45-14:45: Participatory observation and case-studies in Second Life/ Prof. Sisse Siggaard Jensen
14:45-15:00: Coffee break
15:00-15:15: Presentation, Ph.D. Dina Friis Jensen
15:15-15:30: Online interview and tour with Joe Rigby from Mellanium

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