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Interview with Prof. Maren Hartmann (1)

This interview (1) is about Non-Users of Digital Communication.

This interview with Prof. Maren Hartmann, Universität der Künste, Gesellschafts- und Wirtschaftskommunikation, Berlin, is about her coming research projects and interests in non-users of digital communication and media.

Maren Hartmann has been our visiting guest researcher in February and March 2009. She has been invited to critically review the results in 2008 of our research project and to give advice as to what we will have to further look into in our future research.

We will invite Prof. Maren Hartmann again later in the project to review what we have acchieved and what need be done, and to ask for her advice.

Prof. Maren Hartmann is interviewed by Prof. Sisse Siggaard Jensen, Communication Studies at the Department of Communication Studies, Business, and Information Technologies, Roskilde University.

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