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Media Reception Experiments

The video in this posting demonstrates the various virtual worlds being utilized in CarrieLynn D. Reinhard’s study about people’s sense-making the innovations in entertainment media.  While not real sessions, the three virtual worlds being shown here — video game, MMORPG, Second Life — are displayed in videos that provide an idea as to what are the most common activities people perform when engaging with these media in these sessions.

The first session involves playing the Nintendo Wii game Spider-Man: Friend or Foe.  This video is the only one of the three to demonstrate the type of talk-aloud method being used in this study.  Here the participant has been asked to speak whatever thoughts or feelings he is having.  Also, the researcher, CarrieLynn, asks questions as they go along.

The second session involves playing the MMORPG City of Heroes.  This video focuses on showing the beginning steps a participant engages in, namely: the selection of class and abilities; the design of the character’s appearance; and, the learning of the game via the tutorial.

The third session involves engaging with the MUVE Second Life.  As discussed elsewhere on this blog, an island in Second Life was designed to fit into the superhero genre motif being used in this study.  Thus, this video demonstrates what participants on average do when they enter this island, Metrotopia.

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