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SENSE-MAKING STRATEGIES AND USER-DRIVEN INNOVATION IN VIRTUAL WORLDS is a collaborative project, running from 2008-2011, that joins university researchers at two Danish universities, Roskilde University and Copenhagen Business School, and a range of different partners who work practically with virtual worlds in different organizational contexts (encompassing both public organizations and private business). The project has a practice-orientation both in the sense that the aim is to analyze a plurality of different virtual world practices and in the sense that a goal is to further the development of those practices through the application of relevant theories, methods and analytical insights. All the participants – both university researchers and partners – are active actors in virtual world practices through their engagement in the project and, in some cases, their interest and engagement in virtual worlds extend beyond project-related activities. The project operates with a view of innovation as socially and culturally specific practices of meaning-making taking place in sociotechnical interaction. In those practices, objects, subjects and knowledge are shared, negotiated and constructed.

The project is funded by the funded by the Danish Strategic Research Council, KINO. Read our original project description (pdf).

Danish partners and affiliates
Innovation Lab (partner)
Wonderful Denmark (partner)
DBC (partner)
Info Island dk (partner)
Øresund Entrepreneurship Academy (partner)
UNI-C (partner)
Saxo Bank (partner)
Erhvervs- og Videncenter Vestsjælland (partner)
Roskilde Bibliotekerne (partner)
Århus kommunes biblioteker
Baltic Sea Solution, BASS
Knowledge Lab
Accident Designs
Tagging Art
Pop Art Lab
Vikingship Museum in Roskilde

Selected international affiliations
Stanford Humanities Lab
Creative Research Lab (CRLab) at Montana State University
Center for Strategy and Competitiveness (CSC), Stockholm School of Economics
Architecture, Media and Design, University of the Arts Berlin
Digital Games Research Association
International Simulation and Gaming Association
Association of Internet Researchers
Association of Virtual Worlds
European Communication Research and Education Association
Metaverse Roadmap

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research
Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies
Journal of Gaming and Virtual Worlds
New Media and Society
Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication
First Monday

Other media
Virtual Worlds News
SL Entrepreneur Magazine