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How to create and make profit from free games on the internet, Filmhouse Copenhagen

How do you create a community around a game? How do you give users incentives to upgrade? How do you do this without letting down your potential customers: the players that are playing for free? PLAY FOR FREE is the title of this year’s MEDIA Desk/DADIU seminar. This one day event joins experts in the field of free-to-play from Canada, USA, Sweden, Germany and Denmark. Stay tuned for a report after the event.

About the organisers: MEDIA Desk Denmark is a joint venture between the MEDIA programme of the European Union and the Danish Film Institute. MEDIA Desk Denmark informs and consults Danish Film, TV and Games professionals on EU audiovisual policy and how to obtain EU funding for projects. The National Academy of Digital, Interactive Entertainment (DADIU) is the Danish computer games education specialization for students being trained in the field of computer games at various art schools and universities in all of Denmark.

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