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Cast your vote for best Metrotopia Machinima…

August 2009 the Virtual Worlds Research Project launched the Metrotopia Machinima Contest. We have received 14 contest entries that can be viewed on this blog, on our YouTube channel inWorld Innovations, and inworld at Metrotopia. Check out the films and vote for your winner of the audience award in the sidebar. Voting runs from through December 9th, 2009. Winners of the 1st prize audience award (25,000 Linden dollars) and 1st prize jury award (50,000 Linden dollars) will be announced on the blog December 11, 2009. All the films are shot on our research island, Metrotopia, as this was a requirement for contest entry. The contest was conceived of as a way of attracting attention to our research island and as a way of kicking off a new subproject on machinima production. Please visit Metrotopia and have your own look around the film set of these 14 machinimas.

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