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Metanomics Mixed Reality Broadcast on New Market Dynamics

Join us on Tuesday, June 8th at 11am SLT (8pm Copenhagen) for a Metanomics mixed-reality special. Host Robert Bloomfield will lead a Second-Life panel including Robin Teigland, Edward Castronova and Tom Boellstorff as they discuss the purchase of virtual islands, leasing of towns, recruiting avatar employees and more. The episode will include a stream from the panel in Second Life and the live workshop event in Denmark. More from Metanomics

NEW MARKET DYNAMICS: Avatars for sale, gold-farming in WoW (World of Warcraft), purchase of virtual islands, leasing of towns, recruiting avatar employees, VW (virtual world) stock exchanges and banks, exchanging WoW gold to USD – it’s just some of the new designations for commercial agencies and business which have emerged in the wake of the development of virtual worlds. But what are the characteristics of these emerging economies? Who are they, the entrepreneurs of VWs? Are the many small agencies of user-driven innovations the driving force of the economies of VWs? Or, is it Big Business that survives and benefits from the new market dynamics? How has the user-driven content creation of Second Life contributed to the development of new business areas and market dynamics?

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