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2010 ICA Panel on Method/ologies for Studying Virtual Worlds

This video was produced from a panel discussion at the 2010 International Communication Association conference in Singapore. The panelists are Dmitri Williams (University of Southern California), Mikala Hansbøl (Danish School of Education), Caroline Ho (National Institute of Education, Singapore), and CarrieLynn D. Reinhard (VWRG, Roskile University).

Each person discussed a method/ology used for a particular study, and what was learned from that experience. Each person also discussed what they learned from listening to the other panelists. In the third part of the discussion, questions from the audience were taken: those questions were edited out as it was promised to the audience that they would not be heard on camera.

Highlights of the panel discussion are:

  • Dmitri Williams speaks about large scale quantitative data analysis from 00:02:00-00:12:00.
  • Caroline Ho speaks about analyzing discourse strategies qualitatively from 00:12:00-00:19:30.
  • CarrieLynn D. Reinhard speaks about merging quantitative and qualitative methods from 00:19:30-00:29:30.
  • Mikala Hansbøl speaks about qualitative analysis of a serious educational game from 00:29:30-00:40:00.
  • The question and answer period is from 00:51:15-01:08:00.

If you have any questions, please email CarrieLynn at or in the comments section below. We welcome more discussion on the fundamental concepts discussed in this video.

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Continuing the Discussion

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