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All About In-browser Interactive 3D: WebGL Camp #3 @ Google Mountain View

On June 10th, the third of the WebGL Camp events was organized by Henrik Bennetsen (Katalabs) and Google, at Google’s Mountain View campus in California. WebGL Camp aims to provide a prolific gathering of platform developers and creative communities to showcase present Web 3D technologies, emerging tools and platforms, and latest works by Web 3D artists/content creators. The first WebGL Camp was organized in June 2010 at Stanford University, and the next one was at SRI International on June 2010. More detailed information on what WebGL is, and what it’s used for can be found at this previous blog-post and also at Khronos Group’s Website. The introduction of the whole-day event was made by Henrik Bennetsen and Ken Russell (Chair of Google’s WebGL Working Group), followed by a series of presentations (see agenda)

(click here for a detailed analysis and reflections)

The WebGL community offers a great deal of collective experience and know-how on technologies of co-creating, visualizing and sharing 3D content in Web browsers, and they aim to build collaborative open-source standards for creatives to re-use, modify and develop according to their needs, resources and skills. At the last week’s WebGL Camp, it was really refreshing to watch a series of comprehensive presentations on new tools to create 3D digital content, platforms to share and publish these creations with online communities, system architectures and standards for market integration, and brilliant showcases of content development and programming.

Through this link, you can read more reflections on the presenters and highlights of this very inspiring whole-day event in detail (on

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