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Innovation, market creation and virtual worlds, 11 May 2012, CBS

Seminar Program: Innovation and Market Creation in and around Virtual Worlds

11 May 2012

9 am – 5 pm

Department of Organization (IOA)

Kilevej 14, room 150

Copenhagen Business School

2000 Frederiksberg

08:45-9:00: Coffee and croissants

09:00-09:20: Welcome and Introduction by Ursula Plesner, Assistant Professor at the Copenhagen Business School (CBS), Denmark

09:20-10:20: Silicon Valley + Virtual Reality = The New Hollywood?, Henry Lowood, Curator for History of Science & Technology Collections; and Film & Media Collections at Stanford University, USA

10:20-10:40: Coffee Break

10:40–11:10: Virtual Worlds – New Opportunities for Social Learning and Collaboration, Stephan Stephensen, Founder of Mingoville, Denmark

11:10-12:10: Exploring “Open Entrepreneurship”, Robin Teigland, Associate Professor at the Center for Strategy and Competitiveness at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE)

12:10-13:10: Lunch break

13:10-13:40: Are You Serious?, Vin Sumner, Director, Second Places Ltd, Manchester, UK

13:40-14:10:    Refining and Redefining Virtual Worlds Offerings, David Burden, DADEN LIMITED Manager, Birmingham, UK

14:10-14:40: Bridging Innovation and Business, Mattia Crespi, CEO at ISN Virtual Worlds, Milan, Italy and Collaborating with IEEE, Institute For The Future

14:40-15:00: Coffee Break

15:00-16:00: Over the edge? Sustainable Innovation and Market Creation in Unsustainable Virtual Worlds, Dr. Isto Huvila, Department of Archival, Library, Information & Museum Studies, Uppsala University

16:00-16:30: Creating Markets in Virtual Worlds – Pop Art Lab, Claus Uriza, Founder of Pop Art Lab, Denmark

16:30-17:00: Innovation and Market Creation in and around Virtual Worlds – Three Case Studies, Inge Knudsen, Master in ICT and Learning, and Anni Korsbæk, Associate Professor, University College Southern Denmark.

17:00- — : Networking Opportunities, Food & Drinks

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  1. CarrieLynn says

    I hope you will be live-streaming and/or recording these talks, because the line-up sounds amazing!

    • Sisse says

      Hi Carrie,
      Sooo good to “read” your voice, Carrie. We are going to video record the seminar but not stream it. The seminar is held at CBS and we would face too many technical issues if we were to stream it – but the recordings will be available after the seminar so in case you want to see them just let us know.
      (I still have your Christmas card on my table and each time I look at it, it changes into an animated card calling for an answer!)
      Greetings, also to Chris ;-)

      • Emma says

        I would also be very interesting in hearing more from this seminar. Innovation and Virtual worlds are topics that is closely related to our research at We are currently planning new projects around this topic.

  2. Mika Rantakokko, Center for Internet Excellence, Finland says

    Indeed the topics presented in the seminar are very interesting. Unfortunately during the session I’m in an another interesting meeting in Denmark, that is to say Future Internet Assembly in Aalborg, so I cannot participate the session. I would really much appreciate if I would also get the possibility to see the presentations afterwards, and perhaps also presentations. This might also be a topic to discuss if it would be possible start preparing project(s).

  3. Lorraine Emerick says

    I too would be interested in the recorded version! Thanks so much!

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