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Project meeting, 19th March 2010

Our next project meeting is coming up, open to anyone interested. The meeting will focus on INNOVATION and will comprise presentations and joint discussions of (1) mobile innovations for virtual worlds, (2) how sociological theory can inform our understanding of innovation, and (3) how innovation is understood and practiced in a Danish case study.

Date and location: Friday, March 19th 2010, 10.30 to 17:00, room 43.3.29, house 43, at Roskilde UniversityMAP. The meeting will be followed by dinner at Rådhuskælderen, Roskilde (at your own expense).

Registration due: Tuesday, March 16th to or Phone +45 4674 3813

1. Virtual Worlds for Mobile Phones – Peder Burgaard, Innovation Lab
The proliferation of smartphones with laptop-like 1 GHz processor, gigabytes of storage, larger screens and mobile broadband has enabled the mobile phone as a virtual worlds platform and natural extension to drive both social and action worlds. The future of virtual worlds for the mobile platform can among others integrate with mobile phone sensors like motion, direction, distance and image to drive new features and formats. The avatar could for example be controlled by phone motion, point of direction or jump according to applied force by the user etc. The presentation highlights three different strategies of current virtual worlds for mobile phones i.e. Stand alone, Extension and Multiplatform, mobile phone technologies. Furthermore, demographics, business models and go-market strategy for each case will be presented.

2. Technical Innovation, New Markets and Sociology – Ursula Plesner, Copenhagen Business School
Ursula Plesner from CBS will present an account of technical innovation informed by Science and Technology Studies. She will address how the technical, the social and the economical are closely intertwined, and how new markets are configured by new innovations. As an empirical example, she will talk about virtual models of cityscapes as innovations in the making.

3. Innovation in practice: Innovation Lab as Case – CarrieLynn Reinhard, Roskilde University
Innovation Labs defines itself as an organization devoted to developing innovative strategies, practices and products for other organizations. When it comes to virtual worlds technologies, they have dual positions as consumers of virtual worlds technologies in order to become potential producers of it. In a series of structured group interviews, we discussed their experiences with innovations in virtual worlds technologies from both of these positions. The resulting discussion led to reflections on agreements and disagreements regarding the nature of innovation in relation to virtual world technologies. The session will also discuss what possibly led to the disagreements, and how such gaps could be potentially bridged.


10:30 Welcome and news, Professor Sisse Siggaard Jensen, Roskilde University
11:30 Virtual Worlds for Mobile Phones, Peder Burgaard, Innovation Lab
12:30 Lunch
13:30 Innovation in practice: Innovation Lab as Case Study, Post Doc CarrieLynn Reinhard, Roskilde University
15:15 Coffee
15:45 Technical Innovation, New Markets and Sociology, Post Doc Ursula Plesner, Copenhagen Business School
16:45 Closing, Sisse Siggaard Jensen
18:00 Dinner, Rådhuskælderen, Fondens Bro 1, Roskilde

Looking forward to your registration and participation!

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